All LUNCHBOTS products offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects with an original purchase from an authorized LUNCHBOTS dealer or on LUNCHBOTS.com.

  1. LunchBots will not accept a warranty claim if the product has evidence of excessive wear or misuse.
  2. LunchBots does not cover items with third-party post-manufacturing material modification (such as post-purchase engraving, monogramming, etc.).
  3. Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on things like paint finishes, dents, broken lids, loss, theft, or any other product misuse. LUNCHBOTS reserves the right to request images of defective products if deemed appropriate for specific requests.
  4. If a covered defect is discovered, LunchBots will replace your product with the same or similar product for FREE after a completed visual inspection. Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims, so hold onto your receipts. International shipping charges will be the responsibility of the customer. 

If you are experiencing an issue with your LunchBots products, please complete the warranty form below, and a LUNCHBOTS Customer Service representative will contact you shortly with the next steps. Please make sure to include your order number or proof of purchase on the claim.