our story

LunchBots was started by a mom with two young boys in 2008. She was concerned about the chemicals in plastic affecting our health and troubled by the impact disposable food packaging had on our environment, especially our oceans.

Our commitment today remains the same. LunchBots premium stainless steel containers are designed to make it easy for you to pack healthy food to-go. We promise to provide the best customer service a small business can offer and to listen so we can continue to make it easy for you to eat healthy on the go.

Good for you and for the planet too!

5 reasons you will love your lunchbot

#1 – Your kid will eat their lunch

"This lunchbox has worked great and an unintended benefit is that my kids have finished so much more of their food than they did before. Maybe it's because they have less unpacking to do or it looks more appealing? I'm not sure, but I'm thrilled!"

– Laura, mom of two kiddos

#2 – They'll last a lifetime

"True story... Their dad ran over a lunch box with one of these inside coming into the driveway and only dented the lid a small bit. Didn't affect the lid closing or the dividers. Still in use!"

– Mom of 4 boys, ages 9, 8, and 6-year-old twins

#3 – They're dishwasher safe

"I originally purchased a different bento box that was seal-tight, but after one wash in the dishwasher I couldn't get the lid back on properly (it warped), so I returned it and bought this one. This one is sooooooo much better. LOVE IT!"

– Dawn, mom of two elementary school kids

#4 – They're simple to pack

"The sections make it so easy to pack a variety of foods. The kids' vegetable consumption has skyrocketed because brightly colored vegetables shine in their little compartments."

– Wilfred, dad of two veggie-loving kids

#5 – You'll create zero waste

"We love that we are not using disposable snack and sandwich baggies anymore. Small steps for a healthier planet!"

– Sarita, lunch packer for her daughter