Our Pledge

At LunchBots, we are not just passionate about creating innovative and practical lunch solutions; we are equally committed to making a positive impact on our planet. Our earth-friendly lunch boxes are built from sustainable materials, and guaranteed to last the test of time. With every purchase, you are not only choosing to displace plastic waste, but you are now directly contributing to the preservation of our planet. A portion of every sale goes directly towards supporting initiatives that protect and restore our environment.

For Future Generations

1% for the Planet was founded on the idea that a company has a responsibility to give back for use of our planet’s resources. It is now a global network with thousands of businesses and environmental organizations working together to support people and the planet. Every donation is certified to ensure businesses meet their commitment.

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Make the Switch

Disposable plastic foodware makes a big contribution when it comes to environmental pollution. Microplastics from plastic bags, cutlery, plates and cups can cause harm to our ecosystems and wildlife. A simple switch to environmentally friendly lunch containers, cutlery, bags, and bottles can make a huge difference.

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  • Teaching Kids Sustainability

    We believe in empowering the next generation with knowledge about sustainability. Teaching kids about sustainability begins with creating a connection to the environment. Nature walks, gardening, and recycling projects are all great places to start. One of the most basic concepts of sustainability to teach kids is the three R's of helping the planet:

    Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

  • Start by helping kids understand the importance of using less and how small changes like turning the lights off and not letting the water run when brushing their teeth can make a big difference.

  • Stress the value of reusing items to extend their lifespan and reduce waste. Encourage kids to get creative with finding new life for old items, how can old boxes become a new playhouse?

  • Set up bins at home and help kids determine which items can be recycled. Make recycling into a game or competition among the family of who can recyle the most items throughout the week.