frequently asked questions

where can I find your free lunch planners?

Our FREE LUNCH PLANNERS help you easily plan a week’s worth of meals! Custom-designed to match your bento boxes, these planners will save time and make mornings a breeze.

can LunchBots go in the dishwasher?

LunchBots are made from durable 18/8 stainless steel and designed to last a lifetime! ALL LunchBots products are dishwasher safe for a simple and easy clean up.

can LunchBots be microwaved?

Stainless steel, like all metals, cannot be microwaved. Metals reflect microwaves back and forth and can generate enough heat to potentially ignite something in the oven. To be safe, please do not put your LunchBots in the microwave.⁠

If you need to keep your lunch hot, we recommend a LUNCHBOTS INSULATED THERMOS.

where are LunchBots sold?

We sell direct from to customers in the United States and Canada. All prices are in USD and here are our SHIPPING RATES.

where can I find a replacement part?

If you (or your child!) lost a lid, we sell REPLACEMENT LIDS for all LunchBots bento box and insulated containers.